Lottery of receipts kicks off December 1: how it works

From December 1, citizens can apply for a "lottery code" to participate in the drawing of prizes up to 1 million euros.

The Lottery of receipts is approaching its debut. Starting December 1, you can register on the government's initiative website on the appropriate portal to get your Lottery code and from January 2021 you can accumulate virtual tickets for draws that entitle you to rich prizes.

The government's initiative is part of the "Cashless Italy Plan" approved in the Budget Law, which introduces in addition to the Lottery of receipts also cashback. The aim is to encourage electronic payments and the issuing of receipts, introducing refunds or prizes for those who make purchases. For the Lottery of receipts, by showing your code when making purchases in physical stores, either in cash or with payment cards, you will get a virtual ticket for every euro spent. The tickets will give the opportunity to participate in draws, both ordinary and zerocontanti, which will be weekly, monthly and yearly.

Lottery of receipts: how it works

The Lottery of receipts is free and linked to normal purchases of consumers. The requirements to participate are residence in Italy and being of age. Showing at the time of purchase the lottery code, which can be generated from December 1 on the portal of the initiative, you will get an electronic receipt, but above all the virtual ticket to participate in the draws.

For every euro spent, you will have a virtual ticket up to a maximum of 100 tickets for purchases with an amount equal to or greater than 1000 euros. This means that with 10 receipts you can get up to 10 thousand virtual tickets. In addition, by spending 1.50 euros, you will still get two virtual tickets.

Participation in the lottery is provided for purchases in physical stores with the following methods of payment: cash, debit cards, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, cards and apps connected to private payment circuits and limited spending.

The initiative does not include online purchases, nor those for which the consumer requires the merchant to acquire their tax code for purposes of tax deduction or deduction.

Lotteria degli scontrini: how to get the code

From December 1 on the official website of the Lottery of receipts you can access the section "Participate now", where typing the tax code you will get your Lottery code. Una volta ottenuto andrà stampato su carta o salvato sul proprio dispositivo mobile (basta una foto), così da poterlo esibire al momento dell’acquisto presso i negozi.

Il codice è abbinato al codice fiscale, così che la privacy dell’utente venga preservata: né gli esercenti, né altri soggetti potranno risalire all’utente per fare profilazioni e ottenere dati sulle sue abitudini di spesa. Nel caso in cui il codice venga perso o dimenticato, potrà essere facilmente recuperato nell’area riservata oppure se ne potrà generarne un altro accedendo nuovamente alla sezione "Partecipa ora" del sito.

Lotteria degli scontrini: estrazioni e premi

Le estrazioni a partire dal 2021 saranno effettuate con cadenza settimanale, mensile e annuale. I premi in palio per le estrazioni ordinarie, riservate ai soli consumatori, sono:

  • sette premi da 5.000 euro ciascuno per le estrazioni settimanali
  • tre premi da 30.000 euro ciascuno per le estrazioni mensili
  • un premio da 1 milione di euro per l’estrazione annuale

Le estrazioni zerocontanti invece premiano sia i consumatori che gli esercenti e questi sono i premi in palio:

  • 15 premi da 25.000 euro per i consumatori e da 5.000 euro per gli esercenti ciascuno a settimana
  • 10 premi da 100.000 euro per i consumatori e da 20.000 euro per gli esercenti ciascuno al mese
  • un premio di 5.000.000 di euro per il consumatore e un premio di 1.000.000 di euro per l’esercente ogni anno