Google Hire, the job-finding site that challenges LinkedIn, kicks off

Google is launching its job search platform in Canada and the UK as well after testing it in the US. Here's what's special about it

Unannounced in June 2018 during the conference dedicated to developers, Google Hire finally becomes reality. The platform dedicated to the world of human resources will be tested in the United Kingdom and Canada, giving companies looking for new employees the opportunity to take full advantage of all the tools that Google can make available.

The choice of the Mountain View company is by no means random: according to some estimates, the job search market is worth over $500 billion a year. For companies in the hi-tech world, this translates into the possibility of creating tools and platforms that make the work of human resources employees easier, faster and more immediate. Now Google wants to take a substantial slice of this market, going to undermine the position of LinkedIn, the social platform owned by Microsoft and dedicated to job search.

How Google Hire works

The peculiarity of Google Hire compared to other platforms in this sector lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with other Google services. With Hire, recruiters will also be able to use the Sheets application at the same time, to keep track of all the candidates for a given position, Calendar to mark time and place of appointments, Gmail to collect all the email exchanges with the various candidates and much more.

To this, then, Google engineers and developers have added several artificial intelligence algorithms that allow you to automate various operations related to the search for new staff. In addition, Google Hire also supports integration with third-party job search platforms, so as to immediately attract the largest number of companies and candidates.