Microsoft explains how Windows 10 Gaming Edition works

Microsoft over the weekend released build 15019 of Windows 10 Creators Update to Windows Insider subscribers that includes the long-awaited Game Mode

From the day of the presentation of Windows 10 Creators Update it was clear that Microsoft was aiming at the gaming sector. And with the release of "Game Mode" it takes a small step towards a complete integration between the personal computer and the Xbox One.

How does Game Mode work? Windows 10, when Game Mode is activated, assigns a higher priority to the running video game, that is, it gives it much more CPU (computing power) and GPU (graphics processing) resources, taking them away from other applications or system processes that are not essential at that particular moment. The result is an overall improvement in the frame rate of the video game that translates into a quality leap in terms of stability, consistency and fluidity of the gaming experience. The Game Mode - Microsoft wants to point out - is still to be optimized, which translated into other terms, could present some "bugs", but feedback from users of the Windows Insider program will be useful to speed up the correction of any malfunctions.

How Game Mode works in Windows 10

(Taken from YouTube)

Windows 10 users (of the Windows Insider program) can activate Game Mode from Settings > Games and enable the Game Mode item. Once this is done, you can bring up the Game Bar - via the Windows + G keyboard shortcut - and set options to configure parameters related to individual UWP (Universal Windows Platform) or Win32 games. Game Mode is automatically deactivated when the game is put on "hold" to perform other tasks on the computer, but remains active until it is officially disabled. It is therefore an operation that still requires, at least at this stage, user intervention for most games, with the exception of some titles developed directly by Microsoft for which the mode is set by default. The Game Bar also allows you to record game sessions, capture screenshots and broadcast the session on Beam. Other new features in the Windows 10 Creators Update build 15019 is, in fact, also the ability to live stream gameplay via Beam also present in the Game Bar section.

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