Microsoft will unveil the first Windows 10 VR visors in December

The technical specifications of the device, which will go on sale starting in March 2017 at a price of $299

It's clear by now. The next battleground where the big hi-tech companies will challenge each other with novelties will be the virtual reality virtual. After Google, which a few weeks ago presented the Daydream visor, the first VR devices for Windows 10 are coming.

The announcement was made by the same American company during the event in New York last October 26. Microsoft in fact would be working with some external companies to the realization of a new VR visor. We do not know for now more details, especially with regard to technical characteristics. Redmond, however, should unveil the visors between 8 and 15 December, in one of two workshops dedicated to the development of hardware solutions for Windows devices, the WinHec. Se da una parte Redmond mantiene un certo riserbo, si conoscono invece le aziende che sono state coinvolte nel progetto. Al nuovo visore VR per Windows 10 lavoreranno infatti HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer e Dell.

Diverso rispetto agli HoloLens

interna-vr.jpgFonte foto: Web

I nuovi visori VR Microsfot

Il visore VR che Microsoft intende lanciare sarà diverso rispetto agli HoloLens. Il dispositivo infatti non integrerà nessuna tecnologia di realtà aumentata, ma è pensato soltanto per funzionare nella virtual reality. Facendo fede alle poche notizie fino ad oggi trapelate, il primo visore VR per Windows 10 avrà un display opaco, un campo di visione molto ampio e dovrà necessariamente essere collegato ad pc. In addition, according to the latest rumors will be presented multiple versions of the visor, each offering different virtual reality experiences.

Price and release date

The new headset should arrive on the market starting in March 2017 in conjunction with the new updates to Windows 10 that Microsoft intends to launch. The starting price is expected to be $299.