Motorola RAZR 2, ready the new foldable smartphone

Motorola is ready to launch the second version of the Motorola RAZR, the smartphone with foldable screen released a few months ago. Here are the features

In its three years of marketing, from 2004 to 2007, the first Motorola Razr was sold in 130 million units. Of course, the competition was much smaller at the time, but the first Razr was a cell phone with a very good design and features.

The same can not be said for the "foldable" 2020 version that plays a lot on the nostalgia effect but, apart from the foldable screen, does not offer much substance: SoC mid-level (the Snapdragon 710 from Qualcomm), 128 GB memory not expandable, low-level cameras, Android 9 and a battery of only 2,510 mAh. All this at a price of around 1,600 euros. Now, however, it would seem that Motorola is working on the new version of the Razr with foldable screen, which should have slightly better features. The main novelty lies in the new SoC, which brings in dowry compatibility with 5G, even with frequencies below 6 GHz.

Motorola Razr Gen.2: how it will be made

According to anonymous sources cited by XDA Developers, the second generation of the Razr foldable will run around the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. Which is not a top of the line processor, let's be clear, but at least it is of the latest generation and allows the implementation of 5G thanks to the integrated X52 modem. There will be more RAM, 8 GB instead of 6 GB, and twice the storage space: 256 GB. The battery will also be slightly higher, reaching a capacity of 2,845 mAh. The cameras are also improved: the front one for selfies goes up to 20 MP resolution, the rear one is Samsung's 48 MP Isocell Bright GM1. Finally, there should also be minor improvements to the Quick View display, ie the external one that can be used even when the device is closed.

Motorola Razr Gen.2: will it arrive in Europe?

According to XDA Developers, Motorola is developing this new foldable smartphone for the Chinese market and for the American one, where it will arrive with Android 10 preinstalled. There is talk of September for the launch, with an arrival on the market only a few weeks later. Which means that this phone with foldable screen will have Android 10 when already many of its competitors will have switched to Android 11, which will be presented in late summer. In doubt, at the moment, both the price of the device and the possible launch on the European market, on the Indian one, in Japan and South America. We just have to wait a few months to learn more: we have no doubt that in the coming weeks rumors and indiscretions about this new foldable smartphone from Motorola will flourish from all sides.