Motorola RAZR returns and will have a foldable screen

Wall Street Journal anticipates the return of the Motorola RAZR: it will be a smartphone with a flexible screen and will cost over $1500. It will be unveiled in February

Motorola has been back in the mobile market for a few years now and has been appreciated especially for its mid-range devices with good value for money. The Moto G series is probably the most successful of the U.S. company (now owned by the Chinese Lenovo) and the only one able to compete on equal terms with Chinese smartphones.

Before becoming Chinese-owned, the Motorola brand was one of the most appreciated in the world. Many of you will remember the Motorola RAZR, one of the most iconic and best-selling phones in the world. Now the company is ready to launch again on the market an "updated" version of its most famous phone. With the previous models shares only the name, for the rest will be completely different. According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, the Motorola RAZR will be the first flexible smartphone from the U.S. company. Motorola also seems to be ready to launch its first smartphone with a foldable screen, following what has already been done by Samsung and Huawei, now ready to show their flexible devices.

How will the new Motorola RAZR

The Wall Street Journal, in addition to launching the news of the return of the Motorola RAZR has not provided other information on the characteristics of the device. The smartphone should be similar to a prototype that Lenovo had already shown a few years ago, a sign that the Chinese company has been working on this project for some time. The choice to use the "RAZR" brand is related to marketing reasons: the Motorola RAZR has remained in the common imagination as one of the most beautiful devices of the last decade.

Although there is no information regarding the characteristics of the smartphone, we can speculate on how it will look like. Being a top-of-the-line device, Lenovo will definitely mount the Snapdragon 855 chipset with at least 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Probably in the photo compartment we will find at least three rear cameras with a ToF (Time of Fligh) sensor dedicated to depth of field.

When will the Motorola RAZR

The smartphone should be presented already at the Mobile World Congress 2019 to be held in Barcelona in late February. And the Wall Street Journal also speculates the launch price of the Motorola RAZR: $1500, just over 1300 euros at today's exchange rate. A very high price, but in line with other flexible smartphones: Samsung's Galaxy F should be launched at just over 1500 euros.