WindTre and Very Mobile block VAS to prevent online scams

WindTre and Very Mobile from October 18 automatically activate barring on the SIM cards of old and new users to protect them from VAS online scams

After Tim's change of course, WindTre and Very Mobile have also decided to block VAS. WindTre itself has communicated to AGCOM, illustrating the measures adopted to stem the phenomenon of unsolicited activation or activation carried out unwittingly by users of value added services.

During the last summer, VAS, an acronym that stands for value added services, have entered the crosshairs of the authorities as a result of severalĀ investigations with regard to fraud linked to services activated automatically without the knowledge of users. Tim itself has chosen, following the warning from the Communications Authority, to launch its own plan of measures to block the phenomenon in order to protect its customers. Now, even WindTre, WindTre Business and Very Mobile, the virtual operator of the same company that relies on the network of the latter, have decided to catch up, with measures that follow, at least in part, those of the competitor.

WindTre and Very Mobile: measures for blocking VAS

From October 18, the date of activation of the barring process that provides for the blocking of paid services, WindTre has set up a VAS block for all SIM cards, both those already active and those purchased after the introduction of the new measure. However, customers who chose to purchase a card from October 18 onwards, even with the barring active, will only see the effects from January 18, 2021.

The situation is different for those who, at the time of the barring, had paid services already active on the SIM. Only in this specific case, the block by the two operators did not start automatically from October 18. In fact, the procedure provides that the barring becomes active only after the cessation of the paid service.

For those who have already activated VAS and wish to request a refund, WindTre has set up a dedicated team to verify and resolve this type of dispute.

WindTre and Very Mobile: the services that remain excluded from the block

Not all paid services are blocked by the barring. In fact, the services that remain excluded are those useful contents that allow access to particular communications or utility services, such as SMS sent by banks and public transport tickets purchased by text message.

WindTre and Very Mobily: no to VAS blocking, yes to OTP code

For those who choose to deactivate the block, WindTre has set up a security process through the use of an OTP code, a single-use password to be entered at the time of the service activation request to ascertain the customer's actual intent.