New offer Ilaid Voice, what it provides and how much it costs

The French low-cost phone company has presented its new pricing plan dedicated to calls, it costs 4.99 euros per month, here's how to activate it

After having dedicated itself to designing pricing plans characterized by very high data thresholds (first 30, then 40 and now 50 gigabytes), now Iliad, the French low-cost phone company, presents its first offer dedicated especially to those who are interested only in the voice package, and therefore calls.

The transalpine company has presented the Iliad Voce offer that for 4.99 euros per month offers unlimited minutes and SMS to all landlines and mobile phones in Italy and Europe. Also included in the price are 40 megabytes of Internet traffic and all the additional services that Iliad traditionally includes in its monthly plans. That is, the voicemail, the deactivation of subscription services, the Mi Callback function and so on. As per the marketing strategy even the Iliad Voce package has an expiration date. The offer in fact will only be available to the first 200,000 who activate a SIM with this pricing plan. To the 40 megabytes of data connection for Italy, another 40 MB will be added to be used for roaming in a European country. The connection speed is in 4G.

How to activate the Iliad Voce offer

Activating a SIM with the Iliad Voce offer is very simple. We can connect to the site of the French company and register on the portal by entering the data of a document that we will present to the courier at the time of delivery of the SIM or by verifying our identity with the webcam of our computer. Alternatively, if we prefer to buy a SIM in a physical way we can go to one of the Iliad stores scattered throughout the Italian territory or look for SIMboxes, ie vending machines SIM Iliad, which are present a bit 'everywhere in Italy, especially in large shopping centers. To find out where the stores and SIMboxes are, simply connect to the Iliad website and go to the Iliad Store section. For the Iliad Voice package, as well as for the other offers made by the French phone company, the one-time SIM activation cost, which must be added to the first month of service (4.99 euros), is 9.99 euros.