Nokia 7.3 low-cost 5G smartphone with Snapdragon 690

The Nokia 7.3 will be a 5G smartphone thanks to the presence of the Snapdragon 690 processor. It will arrive after the summer at a price of about 300 euros

The Nokia 7.3 smartphone will support 5G, will be sold with Snapdragon 690 and above all will have a really advantageous price: these news have been reported in recent days by several sources, all quite authoritative.

The main news was given by the Twitter account of Juho Sarvikas, the production director of HMD, the Finnish company that produces Nokia smartphones. In the post, Sarvikas congratulates Cristiano Amon and his team at Qualcomm for launching the Snapdragon 690 processor for mobile platforms, announcing that it will also be implemented on modern Nokia devices thus increasing performance and enabling 5G support. The tweet also refers to the more than affordable price, of which no further clues are given. In short, the ingredients to launch an interesting smartphone on the market are all there. But let's see what other information is available.

Nokia 7.3: 5G thanks to Snapdragon 690

As if the tweet wasn't enough, this was accompanied by a video in which Juho Sarvikas revealed that the new Nokia 5G is in the works, cheaper and, as anticipated in the text, characterized by Snapdragon 690, now known as the processor that will bring 5G even in mid-range smartphones. 2020 will therefore be the year of the spread of ultra-fast connection on all devices. The chip will then be accompanied by the integrated modem, namely the Snapdragon X51 5G and will offer a speed of up to 2.5 Gbps.

Nokia 7.3: other rumors

Juho also pointed out that the device will have two cutting-edge technologies: Zeiss and PureDisplay, the latter was also present in the Nokia 7.1. PureDisplay allows for improved visibility and user experience of the phone's screen. Speaking of the display, from other sources it was leaked that in addition to being Full HD+ PureView, the screen would be quite large: we talk about 6.3 inches.

Also the photo compartment, consisting of four rear sensors and one front, will be significantly improved compared to previous models. The main camera should be 48 MP, the front camera 24 MP. Finally, the battery should ensure a good autonomy: we speak in fact of 4000 mAh.

Nokia 7.3: price and output

Unfortunately, the explosion of the pandemic has also affected the launch of the new Nokia. In fact, it is not yet known exactly when the new smartphone will be presented and launched on the market, however, there is talk of October or November 2020. The price is one of the biggest unknowns: in fact, there is talk of a cost varying between 350 and 400 €. These are all the rumors related to the Nokia 7.3 but surely in the coming weeks more details will be known and by the end of the year users can even have it in their hands.