Nope, the devices for smartphones and laptops to protect your privacy

These two simple devices are able to block any attempt of hackers to access the webcam and microphone of computers and mobile devices

Nowadays it has become increasingly difficult to defend oneself from hackers, who are able to take possession of many personal data. Often the most intimate sphere of users is violated: webcam images and microphone audio end up in the hands of cyber criminals. To defend yourself, you could use Nope.

These are two simple devices, but very effective in protecting your privacy: they are designed to block microphone and webcam of smartphones, desktop computers and laptops. Don't imagine anything extremely sophisticated. Their function is to prevent hackers from recording video and audio through the devices' sensors. The Nope Sound Blocker acts on the microphone, disabling it, while the Nope Webcam Cover, operates on the camera, covering it. To fund the two items, a funding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms.

Nope Features

The Nope Sound Blocker uses an electronic circuit to disable the machine's microphone. The heart of the device is the jack connector, like the one found in a normal headphone. Once inserted, it allows the device to perceive its presence. Exactly as happens when an external microphone is connected, the computer automatically deactivates the on-board recording sensor. In this way, the device is no longer able to capture any sound.

As for the Nope Webcam Cover, the small object attaches near the camera and includes a sort of sliding system that when opened obscures the sensor. It is super thin and, like the Nope Sound Blocker, can be used not only on computers but also on smartphones.

Simple but safe

The two devices, unlike many other solutions, are not very hi-tech. Nevertheless, the Nope Sound Blocker and the Nope Webcam Cover might turn out to be two of the safest tools to protect yourself from hackers. Many victims have been spied on and blackmailed by cyber criminals, who are able to infiltrate the devices of the unfortunate ones and take control of their webcams and microphones. Unfortunately, a simple malware, downloaded by users, is enough to hand over their privacy to hackers.

Price and release date

As said, for the occasion the two devices have been launched on Kickstarter, where the authors hope to collect 20 thousand dollars to start production. Goal far exceeded, despite still missing more than a month to the end of the collection campaign. It is estimated that the first units will be delivered in November 2017 at a starting price of $10 for the Nope Webcam Cover and $15 for the Nope Sound Blocker.