On Twitter we will be able to share 4k videos and more beautiful photos

Twitter is experimenting with new media features for videos and photos, which will make creatives and influencers around the world happy.

Among the many new features on Twitter there could be a feature dedicated to sharing 4k videos and more beautiful photos. The social network is in the process of updating the upload of images and videos, providing more and more support to the media part.

The new features are just the latest in a series of changes that Twitter is implementing within its platform. In fact, the social has been trying in recent months to familiarize itself with different forms of communication that go beyond the short messages that have characterized it since its inception. With the introduction of Fleets and Instagram Stories-style videos, Spaces and direct messages, both in voice format, Twitter aims to create an increasingly heterogeneous environment and able to aggregate users of all age groups, following the trends and communication style.

Twitter, photos and videos in 4k

A tweet with an image becomes more attractive, has more opportunities to spread and have a larger audience of readers. Twitter knows this well, since it has already approached the possibility of accompanying texts with images, with the integration of a library of animated gifs. The further step forward, however, is given by the advanced upload system already in the testing phase.

The social team decided that the time for high quality uploads was sufficiently mature: that's why the new system will first allow the upload of images in 4K and, if the operation is satisfactory, could later decide to extend the privilege to 4K or 8K videos. The feature is currently being tested on the app for Android and iOS and has as its only requirement, at least for the moment, a stable connection to allow the upload in an agile manner.

Twitter, new preview for images

If so far the preview of the upload, visible in the tweet, cut arbitrarily the image without the possibility of modification by the user, with the new feature this will no longer happen. This is confirmed by Twitter itself: in fact, the new upload manager will provide a preview of the same image that will be displayed in your post, with no surprises after sending.

The only exception, it seems, is for images with particularly large dimensions in height. In fact, in order to avoid the upload of photos that could upset the timeline (or the nerves) of users, forcing them to scroll endlessly, Twitter has decided to keep the old line in case of oversized photos, leaving the feature to images with standard proportions.