Telegram, now you can send self-destructing photos and videos

Available on both Android and iOS, the new version of Telegram allows you to send timed images and videos. Here's how to do it

Telegram has just launched a feature that will further improve the security of its users. The instant messaging application, one of the first software to focus on end-to-end encryption, will, in fact, allow you to send images and videos that self-destruct.

In addition to the already known Secret Chats, in which you can set a timer to messages (after which the text is automatically deleted), with the latest update subscribers of Telegram will be able to decide whether to forward in private conversations photos and clips with a limited duration. And not only that. Version 4.2, introduced both in the Android store and in Apple's digital market, includes other improvements. Telegram, in fact, has changed the photo editor, which allows you to edit and send images more quickly. The new update also puts a feature in the app, called "Bio," to add additional information to your profile.

How to send timed images and videos

Telegram is changing its skin, even on the sticker front, which will be displayed in a larger space. The novelty, however, that more than any other interests is that of videos and images that self-destruct. The application will allow, in fact, to set a time to multimedia content, after which the messages will be deleted from the recipient's chat. It will be enough to click, before forwarding the photo or clip in one of the conversations, on the icon in the shape of a timer. Telegram's security system can only be used in private chats and not in group ones.