Telegram down: impossible to send and receive messages

Telegram down on December 16, impossible to send messages and log in to the messaging app: here's what's happening

Telegram down on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 16. More and more users are reporting that it's impossible to send and receive messages with the popular messaging app, while others can't even log in.

The first reports of malfunctioning for the Telegram app arrived around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16, both on websites like Downdetector and social networks like Twitter. Some people are unable to log in to the messaging app, while those trying to send a message will see a clock symbol appear, attempting to load and remain on hold. No outgoing messages, nor incoming messages between contacts. The down of Telegram affects not only Italy, but all of Europe and the problem at the moment seems to concern the servers of the app. A black week for users between the two down of Google in two days, that of Poste Italiane and also of the music streaming app Spotify.

Telegram down, what's happening

For those who can access the Telegram app, it will still be impossible to send messages. If you open a chat with any of the contacts in your address book, the words "I connect..." will appear instead of the information about the last access. If you try to send a message, instead of the ticks you will see the symbol of a clock with the hands that continue to turn. Unable to send or receive messages of any type: text, gif, photo, video or voice.