Facebook 360, the new app to see videos and photos in virtual reality

Facebook has launched a new app for the Samsung Gear VR that allows you to see all 360-degree videos and photos uploaded to the social network

The future is virtual reality. Despite the many problems related to people's health and the few applications available, virtual reality viewers are the future of entertainment. And for this reason, companies like Facebook have been investing in the technology for several years now.

After the launch of the Oculus Rift, the top-of-the-line VR visor made by Facebook, the Menlo Park-based company has created Facebook 360, an application available only for the Samsung Gear VR and that can be downloaded directly from the Oculus online store. The application offers users the ability to see all 360-degree videos and images uploaded to the social platform. A stream of photos and movies that will allow users to take a trip around the world in just a few minutes. The 360-degree content sector is growing more and more: according to the latest data released by Facebook, there are 25 million images posted on the social platform and 1 million videos.

How the Facebook 360 application works

(Taken from press release)

Facebook 360 is divided into four different sections: Explore, Following, Saved and Timeline. In Explore it will be possible to visualize all the contents at 360 degrees made by single users, pages or companies. As in Live videos, it will be possible to comment on the video and insert one of the Reactions made available by Facebook. In Following, on the other hand, you'll find videos made by your friends and the pages you follow. Saved allows you to review 360-degree videos saved from your News Feed, while Timeline is the section dedicated to videos uploaded directly by the user.

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