Diageo: virtual reality shock video against drunk driving

British company has created a progress ad designed for younger people and visible in VR to curb drunk driving

British company Diageo, which owns brands such as Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Baileys, has created a virtual reality ad campaign to convince young people not to get into drunk driving. The company's message is clear: "it's the choices you make that change your life."

Awareness campaigns often contain strong messages and violent or impactful scenes, such as traffic accidents and tragedies. Diageo decided to make it even more vivid and bring it closer to the younger generation by using a virtual reality progress ad. Three stories are depicted in the video: a couple who, after having a baby, go out to relax for the first time; three 20-somethings returning from a party; a young woman who has just left a bar after a date. All of these stories have one common thread that unites them: alcohol and driving.

The Project

Of course, all three stories are made tragic by the fact that alcohol diminishes our ability to drive and can destroy lives in moments. Diageo said it plans to strike deals with schools and law enforcement to bring the video inside classrooms and recovery centers. The entire VR video, in addition to strong scenes, is made even more emotional by powerful music and graphic effects that highlight the moment of the crash with slow-motion shots. The video is available on both YouTube and the Facebook and New York Times virtual reality platforms.