VirZOOM, the virtual reality that makes you lose weight

VirZOOM is an intelligent exercise bike with controllers and special sensors that modify the video game according to our pedaling frequency

Is it possible to play a video game in virtual reality and lose weight?  Apparently yes, thanks to VirZOOM. The system is very simple, it is a viewer associated with an exercise bike that adapts the video game according to our pedaling frequency.

The games available are many and many are not exclusively related to the world of two wheels, on the contrary. There are car races and aerial battles, as well as classic challenges on a bike. And you can even fly on a horse with wings. The online challenges can gather up to 8 players simultaneously. A good ploy to get some physical activity and at the same time tear up your best friend at video games. Each victory, and therefore each goal achieved at the athletic level, brings rewards. Usually new levels or improvements to be applied to our avatar.

How it works

In addition to the game, all the data obtained with the training done with VirZOOM can be sent to specific applications such as Fitbit or Strava. VirZOOM is compatible with several video games on Steam or PlayStation, as well as several PC titles. The exercise bike has special sensors that record our activity and allow us to play in virtual reality. The problem is that at the purchase the visor is not included. On the official VirZOOM page we read that for PC games are recommended HTC Vive and Oculus Rift while for the PlayStation of course the specific VR of Sony. The exercise bike including controller costs just under 400 euros plus shipping.

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