Facebook, how to make 360-degree live videos

Facebook's 360-degree videos will allow users to make live streams in the round and viewers to view videos from multiple perspectives

Another new feature coming for Facebook users. After launching an application that allows you to see photos and videos in virtual reality, Mark Zuckerberg's social network transforms live streams by adding a new feature: 360-degree live streaming.

The novelty confirms once again the path taken by Facebook in the last period, which has seen the American company focus, as demonstrated by the features and applications introduced, on video and especially on virtual reality. The 360-degree live streaming will allow users to make live broadcasts in the round and viewers to watch videos from multiple perspectives, immersing themselves in a new evocative experience. Obviously, not everyone will be able to take advantage of the potential of this new service. To be able to make live streaming you need to have the right tools, namely cameras capable of recording 360-degree videos.

How does Facebook 360-degree live streaming work

How to make 360-degree videos on Facebook? The first step, following the instructions provided by Facebook, is to connect the 360-degree camera on your device: smartphone, tablet or computer. The social network lists a number of cameras compatible with its service: Nokia Ozo, Giroptic IO, Insta360 Nano, Instant 360 Air, ALLie Camera and Z CAM S1. However, you can also use other cameras to make live 360-degree streams. At this point, to start live streaming you'll need to choose an audience, add a description and start the live stream.

Everyone can watch the live streams

What about the viewers? Anyone will be able to watch the video, as long as the device is compatible. For Android, the base version required is 4.3, while for Apple the starting operating system is iOS 8. Users will be able to "move" within the videos, thanks to the numerous perspectives offered. The service is also compatible with almost all virtual reality viewers. News also for the audio, which will be able to be diversified depending on the recorded scene.