LG PJ9, the airborne speaker that plays music 360°

The South Korean company has designed a speaker with a case that can levitate and charge wirelessly. It will also be water resistant

Of wireless Bluetooth speakers we're not surprised anymore. However, LG wanted to go big by creating a speaker floating in the air and composed of two components. The speaker, which is disconnected from the base, is able to levitate and play music in 360 degrees while suspended in the air.

Looks like LG doesn't need to wait for CES to show off its biggest innovations ahead of 2017. The South Korean company has designed a speaker with a case that can levitate. This is done through the use of electromagnets. In addition to defying gravity, the new LG speaker will be completely wireless and will be able to play music in 360 degrees. The device is composed of two parts. La parte fissa è la stazione principale dell’altoparlante che serve anche per la ricarica della cassa. Quest’ultima è separata e autonoma dalla prima. LG garantisce almeno 19 ore di autonomia per l’altoparlante.

LG PJ9, cassa wireless con ricarica senza fili

L’altoparlante LG potrà supportare due dispositivi collegati tramite Bluetooth contemporaneamente. La vera magia avviene quando la cassa inizia a scaricarsi. Non ci sarà bisogno di muove un dito perché questa dopo aver “volato” si calerà per ricaricarsi nella stazione centrale in maniera wireless. Salvo poi riprendere a sfidare la gravità a carica ultimata. Il PJ9, questo il nome dell’altoparlante LG sarà anche resistente all’acqua secondo la certificazione IPX7.

lg-pj9-2.jpgFonte foto: LG

The LG PJ9 speaker remains suspended in the air, plays music at 360° and charges wirelessly

With PJ9 LG bets on quality

Since here floating and water-resistant speakers we have seen quite a few. The main problem with these devices is the playback quality. They often don't exceed average and are unlikely to please an experienced consumer. However, LG has promised that PJ9 will stand out in this regard, precisely because the company has worked on quality at the expense of the construction of the device. For now, there is no information about the possible launch price of the speaker and we will have to wait until 2017 to find out more.