On YouTube we’ll be able to watch a looped video, that’s how

Found between the lines of code of the YouTube app the function to watch a video in loop forever: that's what it is.

Watching a looped video on YouTube? In the future it might be possible for Android as well. The information comes directly from the code of the application dedicated to the Google's operating system, in which some strings related to the option that could be activated already in the next releases have been identified.

The anticipation has been revealed by the Xda-developers website, after the analysis carried out on the version 16.09.34 of the application released for the green robot operating system. Although there are still no visible effects of this integration, given the progress of the development of the feature may not miss much to the final integration. It would be, therefore, a great news for the users of the platform, since currently from mobile device it's possible to set a viewing loop exclusively for playlists made in the platform and not for single videos.

Loop video on YouTube, the discovery

As reported by Xda-Developers, to catch the attention among the experts are some lines of code able to show in a rather clear way the type of operation connected to them.

As far as we can see, the only thing missing to complete the process would be the insertion of the relative button that would allow to activate or deactivate the loop, according to the user's will.

Loop video on YouTube, the current workaround

For the users who use YouTube via desktop browser, looping a single video is an extremely simple operation: it is enough to make a right-click on the player, selecting then the item "Loop". The same, however, is not possible through the mobile application for Android, so many users of the platform have chosen to use a simple but effective workaround.

In fact, the trick is to use playlists, for which the loop is already enabled. It is enough to insert the single video into the playlist as a single element. Once completed the operation, you can start the list and proceed to the continuous loop of movies of any type or duration, music videos (such as interesting lo-fi proposals on the platform) and much more.

Loop video on YouTube, release time

Despite the presence of the code, it is impossible to determine if and when the feature will be permanently integrated on YouTube. So we'll have to wait for more information from Big G to receive confirmations and finally be able to start using the loop button on Android.