PlayStation 5: there will be a Premium version with a more powerful SSD

The PlayStation 5 could come out in two different versions: one normal and the other Premium. What changes is the size of the SSD disk

The rumors about the PlayStation 5, the new Sony console that should be launched on the market at the end of the year, but that is not yet officially presented, do not stop. So far, the Japanese company has only shown the new DualSense joypad and announced most of the technical features. But nothing is known about the design and how many models will be launched at the debut.

In recent days, in fact, back in vogue the question of how many versions Sony will launch the PS5. Already in the previous months had come out the rumor that the Japanese company wanted to launch two PS5: a standard model and lowcost and a version with higher performance and higher cost. The idea of Sony (and also Microsoft for the Xbox Series X) is to produce more models to give everyone the opportunity to buy the new console. A bit like what happens in the world of smartphones, with manufacturers who have come to produce three or four versions of their top model.

PS5 Premium with larger SSD

The latest rumor comes from Reddit, a social network widely used in the United States especially by technology enthusiasts. Being a social network and being able to use nicknames, it is very easy to write fake news or inaccuracies.

This time the rumor comes from the user Daniel_mallorca1985 who ensures that he got the rumor directly from Sony in a meeting with game designers and software houses: the PlayStation 5 will be launched in two versions. The difference will be in the SSD, one of the most important parts of the new console and on which a lot of money has been invested in development and research. The solid-state drive present on the PS5, in fact, has been customized directly by Sony to ensure instant loads that will become one of the strengths of the console.

According to the Reddit user, the "basic" version of the PS5 will have an 825GB SSD (as announced by the same company in the first mini-presentation), while the Premium model will have a 1.65TB SSD. Otherwise, the features will be identical.

Price PS5 and PS5 Premium

The prices of the two consoles will also be different. The PS5 should start from a list price of 499 euros (increased in recent weeks also due to the difficulties triggered by the Coronavirus in the production of components), while the PS5 "Premium" should cost 599 euros. A fairly high price, but that is justified by the presence of a really powerful SSD that ensures top performance.