PlayStation 5, from the SSD to the video card: here are the features

Some features of the PlayStation 5 confirmed: the SSD disk will be engineered for the new console and there will be support for 8K resolution

The future Sony PlayStation 5 will be more powerful, faster loading games and with a much higher resolution than the old PS4, with which it will be, however, backward compatible. They are no longer just rumors: the confirmation comes directly from Jim Ryan, CEO of the PlayStation brand.

Ryan, in an interview with CNET, confirms that fans of Sony consoles will not be disappointed when the PS5 arrives next year. And he also specifies that the company is working so that the transition from PS4 to PS5 will be as smooth as possible: gamers will be able to play the same title online with PS4 or PS5, keeping their saved data. That's because Sony's servers won't differentiate between the two consoles. "Whether it's backward compatibility or intergenerational games," Ryan explained, "we'll be able to bring the PS4 community into the next generation."

Sony PS5: technical specs

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan also confirmed some of the technical specs of the upcoming PS5, which will already feature an SSD drive engineered specifically for the console in the default version. The PS5 will then handle 4K resolution with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which is twice that of most modern televisions. To fully enjoy the graphics of the PS5, then, you may even need a gaming monitor. Mouth closed, however, on a possible evolution of the virtual reality system PSVR: "We have nothing to say, at this time, about a potential new generation of VR products. We continue to believe that virtual reality has the potential to become an important part of the future of interactive entertainment."

Google Stadia and the Sony-Microsoft deal

Finally, Ryan also answered questions about the future of gaming, which according to Google (which is developing its online gaming platform Stadia) is not going through consoles. The PlayStation CEO says the landscape is changing fast and Sony wants to take it seriously. "One of the manifestations of this openness - explained Ryan - is the memorandum of understanding signed with Microsoft", which among other things also concerns cloud gaming. Then, talking about the current PS Now service, Ryan said, "Our intent is to take PlayStation Now to the next level by the end of the year and then in the years to come."