Playstation Now is coming to Italy

A commercial unearthed online would show PlayStation Now arriving in Italy as early as the next few weeks. How the new streaming platform works

PlayStation Now is coming to Italy. The news is not yet official, but all the clues lead to the same conclusion: Sony has decided to make available in Italy the service that allows you to have access to over 500 titles in streaming by paying a monthly subscription. This is a real revolution for the Italian gaming market that will benefit from a Netflix-style service to play console and PC.

As we said, there is still nothing official. But Sony has scattered some clues on the Net. In recent days, the official page of the service appeared on the PlayStation Store, with the possibility to test the connection speed, but it was not possible to subscribe or see the exclusive content available for the Italian market. The page was only online for a few hours, just enough time to give users a foretaste of the arrival of PlayStation Now in Italy. In recent days, Sony has also shown to some users a promotional video of the platform completely in Italian. A sign that PlayStation Now is now ready to arrive in Italy

What is PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a Sony service active in 12 countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, United States) that offers access, paying a monthly or annual subscription, to over 500 games and Sony exclusives. With PlayStation Now you can play either by streaming (Netflix-style) or downloading the video game to your device. The video games on PlayStation Now vary from month to month.

For the arrival in Italy, there are rumors of the possibility that they will be added to the service historical video games such as Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us. In addition to For Honor and Fallout New Vegas.

When PlayStation Now arrives in Italy

There is no certain date, but PlayStation Now should arrive in Italy soon, perhaps as early as the next few days or weeks.

Playstation Now compatible devices

The service can be used on PlayStation 4 and Windows computers

How much does PlayStation Now cost in Italy

Sony has not yet leaked anything regarding the launch price of the PlayStation Now subscription. But we can make predictions taking as reference the price of the service in other European countries: in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Luxembourg PlayStation Now has a cost of 16.90 euros per month and 79.90 euros per year. It is likely that even in Italy the cost is the same.