Kaspersky Free, coming to Italy in October

Russian computer security company has been working on a free antivirus that will be released in Italy this fall: it allows scanning of emails and files

Company Kaspersky Lab is preparing for the launch of a new antivirus, which will be called Kaspersky Free. And as you can guess from the name it will be totally free. After a year and a half of testing and some beta versions, in October the program will be available in Italy.

From Kaspersky, through the official blog, they let us know that the new free anti-malware program will not have some features that are instead found in the current paid version. Basically, in Kaspersky Free we won't find parental control, protection for payments made on the net and secure connection via VPN. What is good, however, is that users will be able to save about twenty euros. This is the price of the full version of the antivirus. On the Net almost nothing is really free and in fact Kaspersky has explained the reason of this choice, defining it as an advantage for everyone.

Kaspersky Free

In practice, the Russian company from the users who will use the free version of its antivirus will get a large amount of data that will be used to improve future security programs. Moreover, the Big Data will be exploited for the automatic learning of some of the company's antivirus programs. Kaspersky Free has been tested for about a year and a half in Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. While in Italy and Europe, as mentioned, it will arrive in October. While it has already been released in the United States and Canada.

What functions

At this point the question to ask is: what functions does this free antivirus allow? Kaspersky Free allows for in-depth scanning of files and emails. It will also update itself automatically. It will also have special functions for analyzing USB sticks inserted in the device and will provide protection from phishing campaigns. Finally, Kaspersky Free is a fairly lightweight program that will not weigh down the computer where it is installed.