Prince Harry against Fortnite: “It’s addictive”

A few days ago, Prince Harry spoke out harshly against Fortnite, the Epic Games game, calling it "irresponsible"

Fortnite, the famous game of Epic Games, has many fans and enthusiasts, but also has a detractor of all respect. After the criticism of Ninja, famous streamer who seems not to have liked the latest updates of the Battle Royale, even Prince Harry has in fact openly expressed against the video game.

On the occasion of a visit to the YMCA (Christian Youth Association) in London, during which the Prince spoke about the mental health of young people, Harry first lashed out against social media and then against Fortnite.

"Fortnite is a game that was created to create addiction - said the British Royal - an addiction that keeps you stuck to the computer as long as possible. I think it's irresponsible."
Harry then added that the game should be banned from the marketplace and urged parents to monitor their children and prevent them from falling into the Fortnite vortex.