Pro Evolution Soccer official, will come to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Konami has confirmed that PES 2021 will only be an update of PES 2020. Appointment to next year to see the first PES next-gen

The news was in the air for a few days now, pre-announced by the Microsoft Store where he appeared on the official page of the game: PES 2021 will only be a season update of the game, while to see a title dedicated to the next generation of consoles will have to wait PES 2022. The announcement comes directly from Konami, which has motivated the choice in wanting to focus all its efforts on the next version of the game, the first for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The Japanese company is already working on the video game that should be announced for the middle of 2021 and released during the summer of the same year. Konami is also using a new graphics engine, most likely the Unreal Engine 5, to improve the graphics even more and bring the game to a higher level. The trailer presented and based exclusively on Barcelona and Lionel Messi shows what they can give the new consoles to the world of football simulation: a graphic very similar to reality.

PES 2021 goodbye, already announced PES 2022

An announcement that may not please fans of the saga, but a logical decision that taken by Konami: useless to concentrate their efforts on a title that would be released in November-December, when the football season is now in full swing, better to focus directly on 2022. And the Japanese company already gives appointment to the middle of 2021 when finally will be presented 2022.

PES 2021, therefore, will be a simple update and can be downloaded by all those who have PES 2020. At the moment it is not clear if it is a free DLC (downloadable content), or if you will have to buy it. PES 2021 should only have an update of the roses, some graphical improvements and some stadium less, since Konami has not renewed the partnership with Inter and Milan that included the presence of San Siro.

When will PES 2021

The update is expected as always for the month of September 2020, when there will be a clearer picture of the roses and soccer will be on hiatus after the summer tour de force due to the Covid-19.