Microsoft: in 2019 will come foldable tablet and Xbox without reader

2019 will be a year full of new devices for Microsoft, the U.S. company in fact is working on a tablet with foldable screen and the Xbox One S

Microsoft has in store several surprises for 2019. According to the latest rumors from sources close to the company, in fact, the Redmond-based company in the coming year will present a new tablet 2 in 1 Surface Pro family and also a new Xbox gaming console.

If in the field of smartphones the various attempts of Microsoft in the long run have proved futile, the same cannot be said of the tablets of the U.S. company. The Surface family from Redmond has become one of the most successful competitors to Apple's iPad among the top of the range tablets. It's no coincidence that revenue from Surface tablet sales came in at $1.18 billion in 2018, a 14% increase over 2017. Just to ride the wave of this success Microsoft is reportedly planning to update its tablet family with a new Surface Pro model in 2019, with design and features quite revolutionary compared to the standards of the past.

Microsoft: new Surface Pro 2019

The new Surface Pro 2019 is expected to have a USB-C port, smaller bezels, more rounded corners and several new color options. This device is expected to be unveiled in the spring of 2019. But the real news should be the Andromeda tablet, a modular device from Microsoft with a foldable screen. Andromeda could be a 2 in 1 device but in the sense of smartphone that becomes a tablet if necessary and could represent the attempt to return for Microsoft in the world of mobile phones. Meanwhile, some rumors also tell us of a new Surface laptop that Microsoft will present towards the end of 2019 and that will not have Intel processor as in the recent past but a new AMD processor.

Microsoft: new Xbox 2019 without player

In the first six months of 2019 Microsoft should also present a "low-cost" version of its Xbox One. The project, which is expected to be called Xbox One S, will be a smaller model in size than the original and will not have a physical drive for video game CDs s. This means that video games for the Xbox One S will only be able to be bought and downloaded from the digital store, or you can transfer them from another Microsoft account used on another Xbox if you already own them.