Turning the Android fingerprint reader into an input device

From ringtone to music track, with Fingerprint Gestures controlling the smartphone has never been so easy and effective

One of the most important innovations of the Google Pixel is the possibility to use the fingerprint reader to activate some special features on the smartphone: by touching the sensor, users can, for example, unlock the phone, open an application, launch or pause a music track.

After the launch of Mountain View's latest top devices, some developers started wondering how to implement the gestures introduced by the Pixel on other smartphones equipped with a biometric reader. The Fingerprint Gestures app, made by startup SuperThomasLab, allows users to perform actions using finger gestures when the smartphone is unlocked. For example, with a single tap we can open an app, with a double tap we can access the ringtone menu, with a swipe down we can check notifications. Fingerprint, in practice, allows you to manage the phone using the fingerprint reader.

Easy to configure

The gestures are easy to configure, thanks to the fairly simple and intuitive interface with which Fingerprint is presented. In addition to the features already mentioned, if the smartphone has been rooted (i.e. the user has full control of the phone), you can add many more. However, not everyone can activate gestures. The application, in fact, is only compatible with devices running Android 6.0 or later. Also, it's not certain that all digital readers will work with the apps on Google's market.