Samsung, 40 Galaxy S5 used to create Bitcoin

To avoid damage to the environment Samsung has created a new project to recycle phones, for example with 40 Galaxy S5 you can generate Bitocoin

Consumerism in the days of smartphones is creating quite a few problems from the environmental point of view. The non-recyclable waste of old phones is becoming more and more. For this reason, some manufacturers, including Samsung, are thinking of ways to reuse old phones.

The South Korean computer giant has created a new project, called "Upcycling", which aims to find effective strategies to reuse unused smartphones. And it is thanks to this initiative that Samsung has decided to dedicate a few dozens of old Galaxy S5 to the activity of creating Bitcoin. A small cryptocurrency mine made exclusively with devices abandoned or thrown away by users. To generate Bitcoin Samsung uses a tower composed of 40 Galaxy. According to experts, the computing power and the on-screen activity of a smartphone allow for faster generation of virtual coins than other methods with computers. Samsung has also made an operating system to manage the 40 smartphones that it may release in the coming months.

Smartphone Recycling

Recycling old phones is not a new thing. Several users, DIY enthusiasts over time have turned an old Android into a security camera or an in-car computer. But Upcycling is one of the first projects financed directly by an international manufacturer. Samsung in the project accepts and experiments with all the ideas that come from the suggestions of users. Not surprisingly, in addition to the tower for Bitcoin, the South Korean giant has also created an Ubuntu computer with an old tablet or a smart screen for aquarium always with an old Galaxy. In practice Samsung is suggesting not to throw away old devices but to use them as batteries, screens or smart accessories for every aspect of daily life at home or in the office. The company is even thinking of allowing people to get root permissions in an easy way once they decide not to use the smartphone as a smartphone anymore. This would allow you to completely transform the functions of the device. Of course it's a choice that doesn't exactly go in Samsung's favor but it can help the environment.