Samsung Galaxy S21 official: features

The official teaser of the new Samsung Galaxy S21, published by a journalist, shows the new Korean top-of-the-line smartphone.

After hundreds of rumors, leaks and unofficial renders, we now know what the Galaxy S21, Samsung's top-of-the-line smartphone for next year, will look like. Max Weinbach, a freelance journalist specializing in the Samsung range, got hold of the official Galaxy S21 teaser video and posted it on Twitter.

In the video we see the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G in a new color scheme, Phantom Violet which is a mix of purple and bronze colored parts. The Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G will look almost the same aesthetically, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra model will be different. Weinback also had confirmation on the unveiling date of the new S21 range and the actual availability of the devices in stores, both physical and online. Finally, according to Weinbach, the price of the S21 range will be lower than that of the S20 range, despite the fact that the technical features are definitely superior.

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra: what they look like

The standard Samsung Galaxy S21 is a 5G phone with a flat screen and front-facing camera positioned in the middle of the display, in a notch hole. The bezels are ultra-thin and the entire phone is surrounded by a metal profile that also wraps the rear camera compartment, consisting of three lenses: 12 MP main, 12 MP wide-angle and 64 MP zoom.

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ is virtually identical to the standard S21: it just has a larger screen, still flat, and has a larger capacity battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, on the other hand, is different from the other two: it has a curved screen, typical of Samsung's true top of the line devices, and has four cameras instead of three: a 108 MP main sensor, a 10X optical periscope zoom, a 12 MP wide-angle sensor and a traditional 10 MP 3X zoom. It also has laser autofocus, instead of the TOF sensor found on the current S20 Ultra (pictured).

What Weinbach isn't talking about, however, is the hardware inside the new Galaxy S21. In particular, it's still not 100% certain that at least one Galaxy S21 will arrive with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 888, which was unveiled a few days ago. From the recently published benchmarks it would seem in fact that to have this processor will be only the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

New Samsung Galaxy S21 range: when it comes out and how much it costs

The scheduled date for the launch of the new Samsung S21 range is January 14, during a special Samsung Unpacked event. No more than two weeks should pass between the presentation and the market launch, so the Galaxy S21 will be on sale starting January 29.

The exact prices of Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra are not yet known, but Max Weinbach is convinced, after listening to his confidential sources, that these devices will cost less than the three equivalent models of the previous generation. They won't be cheap, of course, but they will be cheaper.

Maybe also due to the fact that Samsung will follow Apple in a choice that has caused much discussion: in the Galaxy S21 package there will be no charger or headphones.