Selfly, the smartphone case that’s also a drone. Photo and video

Selfly is a kind of flying phone case that takes pictures. Available on Kickstarter for $99, it will launch in June 2017

One of the most recurring dreams of tech lovers is to be able to build their own objects of desire. Among these are mainly 3D printers and drones.

Some even go so far as to quit their jobs, as in the case of Hagay Klein, an Israeli dentist.

The guy, in fact, decided to give up everything and focus on building a drone. And taking a look at the video with which the aircraft is presented, we must admit that he achieved his goal with flying colors. The peculiarity of the hi-tech object are definitely the size: the drone in fact once folded can be inserted into what looks like a smartphone cover. And like a phone, Selfly - this is the name of the miniaturized quadricopter of the Israeli doctor - can be slipped into your pocket. The drone can be used to take selfies or short shots.

Selfly, the pocket drone

(Taken from Kickstarter)

To promote his small flying device, Hagay Klein launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the leading crowdfunding sites. As mentioned before, the drone thanks to its small size is easily transportable. According to its creator, the device can be used as a smartphone case even if, to tell the truth, with the cell phone inserted it looks a bit bulky. The aircraft, like any self-respecting drone, is also equipped with an 8-megapixel camera, which allows you to record videos up to 1080p.

Open source app

Selfly is therefore a drone with basic, but interesting features. The quadcopter lends itself mainly to be used for fun. Per fare un esempio, si può utilizzare il velivolo per scattare foto dall’alto. Il device volante si integra con lo smartphone grazie all’apposita applicazione realizzata dalla startup che permette agli utenti di controllare il dispositivo. L’applicazione è open source: ogni utente potrà sviluppare particolari comandi che saranno integrati direttamente dallo staff della startup.

Prezzo e data di uscita

Rispetto alla maggior parte dei droni, Selfly si distingue anche per un’altra caratteristica: il prezzo basso. Per acquistare questa speciale cover per smartphone bastano solo 99 dollari. In realtà, il dispositivo al momento è solo ordinabile e sarà commercializzato a partire da giugno 2017.

nimbus.jpgFonte foto: Nimbus

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