Smart Robots, the Italian collaborative automaton

Smart Robots is a smart eye to be installed in your company to increase the interaction between man and machine and adapt it to your production process

Industry 4.0 is preparing its revolution. And contrary to what many think, it will not replace robots with workers. On the contrary, each robot will be designed to adapt to its human "colleagues" and to the type of industry in which it will work. To confirm this, there is the Made in Italy Smart Robots project.

Robots in Industry 4.0 will have to relate to the environment in which they will work. A revolutionary and innovative concept that will surely help in the transition and digitalization phase of many SMEs. A project carried out also in Italy thanks to a young startup, Smart Robots. A reality born a few months ago within the incubator of the Politecnico di Milano and became a company within the enterprises factory e-Novia of Milan. This is a completely different approach between man and machine: a collaboration that will make work easier for man and increase the quality and productivity of company products.

Smart Robots

At this point the question is legitimate: what does Smart Robot consist of? It is a small device, about the size of a surveillance camera, that is connected within the work environment and remains "external" to the industrial robot being used. This device, however, thanks to intelligent algorithms and data collected on the context where it is applied, improves human-machine interaction within the factory. "Smart Robots enables human motion detection, - explains Smart Robots co-founder Carlo Ongini - object recognition and environmental perception. The continuous interpretation of the environment makes the robots more flexible in the variability of configuration and in the reaction to sudden changes. And the combined use of voice command recognition, gestures and human interaction allows new forms of interaction both in the programming and operational phases."

How it works

In practice, Smart Robot is an intelligent eye that manages the work of the industrial robot, adapting it to the context in which it operates. "The actions to be performed are taught to the robot intuitively, integrating gesture recognition, objects, manual guidance and self-learning. All without any physical interface," continues Ongini. For many experienced entrepreneurs, this solution could revolutionize the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses in our country.