Symantec, 10% of Italian computers infected with bot malware

According to research by cybersecurity company Symantec, Italy is the worst country in Europe for bot malware after Russia

Research conducted by cybersecurity company Symantec has shown the growing "bot" danger in our country. Italy, among all the nations of Europe and Western Asia, is second in the unfortunate ranking of computer bots. Worse than us is only Russia.

In 2016 in Italy, according to Symantec numbers, one in ten computers was infected by cyber bots. In practice, 10% of the total number of devices used on our territory is in the hands of a hacker. It's worse, as already mentioned, for Russian users with 13.59% of infected PCs. Obviously, the way a bot acts, the victim doesn't notice the danger at all, even if the machine has already been affected. Despite the fact that a bot can do practically anything on our device. Like, for example, send messages, launch applications or use our social profiles.

Italy and computer bots

Rome is the most affected city in our country. And the capital alone "hosts" about 30% of all computer bots present in Italy. Milan follows with 28%. Ivrea is in an unusual third place in this undesirable ranking. This Piedmontese town of only 24,000 inhabitants has 14.58% of all Italian computer bots. This is in stark contrast to the nearby city of Turin, which has a 2.4% share. Across Europe, however, the city with the highest density of bots is Madrid, which "wins" by a narrow margin over Istanbul and Moscow. A paradoxical situation in the Vatican State, where every fifth computer is infected by a bot. The least affected European countries are France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.