What are Chromebook computers, how they work, strengths and false prejudices

The new computer with Samsung's ChromeOS operating system, the Galaxy Chromebook Go, one of those that are usually called Chromebook, has arrived in these days on the Italian market.

We are talking about computers that are built around the operating system made by Google, whose architecture revolves around the Internet browser Chrome. This type of devices have been gaining favor with the public, especially in the United States and English land, because they combine good performance with very competitive prices.

Their market share has exploded in the last two years, at the time of the pandemic, going from about 19 million pieces in circulation two years ago to 40 million today, only in the last year the growth has been around 35%.

To understand how a Chromebook computer works we have to imagine an Android smartphone that has been transformed, to take on the appearance of a laptop. The operating system, the menu in which you move and many of the available functions are in fact very similar to those of smartphones and tablets that use Google's operating system.

As anticipated, the heart of this computer is in the Chrome browser, which through the use of extensions allows you to do many things in a particularly simple and understandable by anyone. This is not the only feature, because the other important aspect is the compatibility with Android applications, which allows you to install millions of applications with just a few clicks.

The false myths about Android

Despite this resounding commercial success that has been found over the years by computers with the ChromeOS operating system, We hear a lot of false myths about these products, A sort of collection of urban legends that, however, do not find full verification in reality.

"Apps don't work on Chromebooks"

This is the first objection you often hear from detractors of this type of computer, but it has no basis, because indeed, as already mentioned Chromebook computers are compatible with Android apps, most of them, but they go even further because thanks to some applications that act as a bridge, you can also install Windows apps.

In addition, for a long time now, Chromebook computers have also supported Linux, demonstrating a versatility that few other devices can boast.

"Android apps don't work properly"

This is also information that doesn't match reality, because in our test we installed dozens of apps from the Android world without encountering any kind of problem. All the most important titles are perfectly compatible with the computer, even more so those that have already been used to be shown on tablets.

"The hardware of Chromebooks is not the best"

We can agree that these proposals do not adopt the best possible technology, they do not need particularly powerful solutions to work, but this is not a point against, quite the contrary. The reason why there is no need for pyrotechnic hardware lies in the fact that the operating system is very fluid and provides excellent performance even with mid-range components. This helps to drastically reduce the price of these computers compared to other systems.

"Chromebooks only work online"

This is the idea around which the computers were initially built, reason why their memory is never exaggerated, because in the idea of Google these were to be terminals for cloud services, without special requirements for computing power or storage. In reality, over time, Chromebook computers have evolved, changing this aspect thanks to the introduction of new solutions that allow you to download files and work locally until the next connection.

An infinite catalog of applications

It should be noted that these computers can access an infinite catalog of applications, even from the Microsoft world, because the Redmond company is one of the most prolific in the creation of applications for the Android world.

Taking advantage of its experience in the world of smartphones, Google has built this operating system around the voice assistant, which allows you to quickly do so many things simply through the use of your voice.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go collects all these peculiar traits, adding the advantage of being able to count on the ecosystem of its products, which makes it very easy, for example, to connect to the Internet when there is no Wi-Fi.

Through a very simple procedure that starts from the computer and ends on the smartphone, you can in fact pair your Samsung cell phone to the Galaxy Chromebook Go, so you can access the Internet using the connection of the phone with a single click.

There are many advantages in the use of such a simple and immediate product, but we would like to focus in particular on the battery life of very long, in the case of the Galaxy Chromebook Go lasts over 12 hours on a single charge.

This is not the only Chromebook model from the Samsung world, there are also two other products available today, the Chromebook 4 and the 4+, depending on your needs and your budget you can choose the most suitable model.

In the coming days we will tell you how to make the most of the Samsung ecosystem, which you can access thanks to the Christmas promotion: Who will buy a Galaxy S 21,1  Galay Z fold 3, or a Galaxy Z Flip 3, will get a free Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go until December 20.

One more reason to take advantage of all the power and simplicity of the Samsung ecosystem.