MakerArm, the 3D printer that builds computers. Photo

Small and affordable, the smart device lets you make anything-you 3D print, assemble, cut, weld and more

The 3D printer industry is increasingly moving toward creating small, affordable, easy-to-use devices. Devices that we may one day use to make any object. In the American town of Austin, for example, a startup has developed a truly revolutionary mechanical arm.

MakerArm, this is the name of the small robot,  is also able to build a notebook. Nothing new, except that the device was invented to be used by everyone. The hi-tech tool, which was created thanks to a funding campaign launched on Kickstarter, allows you to produce many objects in an immediate way. And not only high-tech. It can also be controlled via smartphone, as it has Wi-Fi connection. And that's not all. MakerArm is not only a simple 3D printer, it can also weld, carve, level, assemble and much more.

MakerArm, the all-purpose robot

The robot is, in short, an all-purpose arm capable of manufacturing many objects. The distinctive feature of MakerArm, which differentiates it from many other mechanical arms, is its versatility. Small, it can be  placed on a desk, it is equipped with several interchangeable tools. The smart device from the American startup is also equipped with laser technology: you just need to change the tools. We mentioned that with MakerArm you can also build a computer. Thanks to the different functions that the desktop robot can perform, it will be sufficient to give, as with 3D printers, the command through any device: PC, smartphone, tablet (browse the photo gallery to see how MakerArm works).

It is also controlled remotely

The device is able, not only to print hi-tech tools, but also to perform other tasks. It can write, decorate a cake and even feed our pet of the house. A special application also allows you to control the robot remotely. As mentioned, MakerArm was made by a company based in Austin. In fact, the device bears the signature of some Pakistani guys.


MakerArm opens up new scenarios, making 3D technology within everyone's reach. Considering also the not exactly prohibitive price. The mechanical arm can be pre-ordered from the startup's website by spending $1,399 (about 1300 euros). Not much, considering what it can build.