Tesla’s solar roof will cost less than regular roofs. Photo

The company after the acquisition of SolarCity is working on the new solar roofs that will come out in 2017, Elon Musk assures: "they will cost less than the classic roofs"

Tesla doubles. The leading company in the creation of electric cars has recently purchased the company SolarCity and is channeling its investments in renewable energy, especially on the roofs of houses. The Californian company is sure: its latest generation roofs will cost less than normal ones.

Tesla solar roofs cheaper than normal ones. Tesla's new tempered glass tiles had captivated the audience last month at Universal Studios. They have tiny solar cells inside that turn sunlight into energy. Their strengths also include resistance to damage and weathering. During the October event, Tesla said its new smart roof tiles will hit the market in summer 2017, in four different models and styles. Since their unveiling enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts have begun to wonder about the cost. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, however, has displaced everyone: "Our tiles will cost less than the classic ones."

Reduction of delivery costs

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Tesla as well as innovation for solar roofs has worked hard on materials and their adaptability to transport. Tempered glass is very strong and light, explains Musk, and this will drastically reduce shipping costs. Before, in fact, the fragility of solar roofs increased the cost of transport. Another element brought in favor of Musk's thesis is durability. On average, classic roof tiles last about 50 years. The new Tesla tiles are practically eternal, as it is very difficult for them to break. That said, it is unlikely that from their release next year, the smart tiles with solar cells will cost less than the classic ones already available on the market. Undoubtedly, however, this is an investment that in the long run, with energy savings, creates significant benefits.

Tesla and SolarCity

The recent purchase by Tesla of the company for renewable energy SolarCity clearly indicates the path that the Californian company wants to take in the coming years. Not only electric and self-driving cars but also alternative energies to be inserted in urban contexts. The investment is important, given the 2 billion spent by Tesla to acquire the skills and programs of SolarCity. And the company will also take charge of settling some debts related to the last quarters of the company. Of course, the idea is also to integrate products, with a garage made of smart tiles that will charge Tesla's electric cars, and so on. The merger has been blessed by 85% of Tesla shareholders but will have to deal with Trump's new energy policy ideas. Very far from those closer to the renewables of Obama. A change that will keep with bated breath investors looking to reduce the number of consumers dependent on fossil fuels.

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