Here are the new Beats Fit Pro: they’re like AirPods Pro, but cost less

Beats Fit Pro headphones with ANC are official: there's AirPods Pro technology, they're "sportier" and cost less. But the availability...

Beats has made official the new Fit Pro true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation. It's hard to call them AirPods Pro competitors: Apple, which acquired Beats in 2014, has taken care to differentiate the two models so as not to compete on their own, even offering them at different prices.

The new Beats Fit Pro, compared to the AirPods Pro, have different features. Not so much in terms of technical specifications (the two models use the same, advanced, H1 chip in addition to an enviable technological endowment), but in terms of the target to which they are addressed and the activities they are more inclined to perform. The Beats Fit Pro are high-end headphones with ANC like the AirPods Pro, but they appeal to a more sporty and even more glamorous audience, in light of the colors announced: Black, White, Sage Gray and Stone Purple.

Beats Fit Pro, as they are

Exactly like the AirPods Pro and as on the recent third-generation AirPods, the new Beats Fit Pro can also boast spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, two technologies that make them - words of Beats - "our most advanced earphones ever made". Credit is given to the Apple H1 chip (the same as the AirPods), which also provides a system to minimize the distortion of others through the help of a flexible diaphragm.

The new Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones possess three different listening modes and active noise cancellation (ANC), the operation of which has been made easier by the designers through a careful arrangement of microphones that detect noises to be left out of the user's ears. The ANC management system, moreover, is very fine: it is capable of updating itself as many as 200 times per second, taking into account a multitude of factors, including the movements that are performed with the earphones on (think physical activities).

The Beats logo on the outer surface hides a button that activates Transparency mode, which amplifies external noise so you can, for example, talk to someone without having to remove the earphones (which, however, stop playing when removed and resume when you put them on). As Beats is an Apple company, the Fit Pro integrate perfectly with Apple devices, while for Android there is a special management app.

There is IPX4 certification that protects them from sweat or rain, while the autonomy with ANC or Transparency mode active is 6 hours with another 21 provided by the charging case. However in 5 minutes you get enough power for an hour of listening.

Beats Fit Pro, availability and pricing

The new headphones with ANC Beats Pro are available on the official Apple store for $199, $50 less than the AirPods Pro. We do not yet know how many euros will be needed to get a pair, but the price difference in the U.S. between the new Beats and Apple's equivalent headphones should exist even when they arrive in our parts, ie in 2022, where the AirPods Pro cost 279 euros list.