Apple AirPods 3: They look like the Pro, but a detail is missing

The third generation of Apple's wireless headphones brings many new features and comes close to the Pro version, compared to which, however, it lacks an important feature that is now widespread even on budget headphones

The first new device announced during the Apple Unleashed online event on October 18 (during which were also presented in new MacBook Pro and colored HomePods) is AirPods 3, that is the new generation of true wireless headphones from Apple that replaces the second generation in 2019. Highly anticipated product, the AirPods 3 are as a bit 'everyone expected them after the endless rumors in recent months have given them several times as close to launch.

In comparison to the AirPods 2 are very different, both in external design and internal components and, in many ways, definitely resemble the top of the range headphones from Apple: the AirPods Pro. From the latter model also inherit some new features, such as the pressure sensor, and the touch surface on the rod and not on the central body. A detail, that of the rod, that many do not like, because touching this surface is likely to move (or even drop) the headset, while the classic tap on the central part of the headset is much safer. A risk, among other things, accentuated by the fact that the new AirPods 3 are not in-ear and do not completely close the ear canal, getting stuck in it.

AirPods 3: technical specifications

The new AirPods 3 are based on the H1 chip, which makes them compatible for the first time with the spatial audio of Apple until yesterday reserved only for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. In addition to a new design, the headphones have new drivers and a new, much more refined amplifier. Apple promises a more "crystal clear" sound.

Not being in-ear headphones, there are no grommets that go to plug the ear, but there is a pressure sensor and one that detects head movements. The AirPods 3 manages to adapt the sound reproduced based on the use the user is making of it, the position of the head and the way the wireless headphones are worn.

Very useful is the coating for the microphones, which mainly serves to limit background noise caused by wind during calls, while IPX4 certification against rain and water splashes is present but taken for granted.

In comparison to the AirPods 2, then, on the AirPods 3 also improves the battery life: 6 hours of music playback and 4 hours of talk time. Adding the case charge brings it up to 30 hours. Charging is done via MagSafe and in just 5 minutes you get 1 hour more battery life.

In short, the AirPods 3 are almost AirPods Pro "Lite", a cheap version that lacks only one thing: ANC, active noise cancellation. As a result, there is not even the transparency function, but it is not a big deal since the headphones do not completely obstruct the ear canal, so some of the ambient noise passes anyway.

AirPods 3: how much they cost

It is already possible to order the AirPods 3, at the moment only on the Apple website, with delivery expected starting next week. The list price of 199 euros, with 6 months of Apple Music subscription included.