The Winchesters: cosa sappiamo dello spin-off di Supernatural

Al lavoro per la produzione dello spin-off della serie Supernatural: come sarà tra incomprensioni e riappacificazioni dei fratelli Winchester su Twitter


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La fortunata serie tv Supernatural avrà uno spin-off: The Winchesters. Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester from the Supernatural series, and his wife Danneel Ackles, are working on producing the spin-off, which will be a prequel, focusing on the love story of Sam and Dean's parents from the parent series.

Just a few months ago Supernatural, a fantasy and paranormal TV series, ended after years of success. Last week Jensen Ackles' announcement of the development of a new production. Fans are already in a frenzy. The co-star, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester of the beloved TV series, did not fail to show his disappointment on Twitter for not being involved in the project. Fortunately, the crisis between the two co-stars has already abated to make way for work on The Winchesters. Jensen reassured fans with a new tweet that there is peace between the two Supernatural brothers.

The Winchesters: what we know about the spin-off

In a recent interview, Ackles explained the choice of the main subject of the spin-off prequel:  "We wanted to bring the audience the origins of 'Supernatural'. I always thought Dean would want to know more about his parents' relationship, how they met. I love the idea of him leading us down that path."

The Winchesters' story will then have an outside narrator who will likely be Ackles himself, reprising the role of Dean Winchester.He will be the one to tell the story of the love between John and Mary Winchester and how the two had to fight to keep their feelings alive, saving their union and the whole world.

The Winchesters: the cast and when it arrives

Another indiscretion always comes from Twitter from another former Supernatural character: Misha Collins. The angel Castiel, the third main role of Supernatural, could return in the spin-off. In the last episodes of the series the confession of Castiel's falling in love with Dean had created a lot of controversy.

The Winchesters is right at the beginning of the production and Padalecki has stated that he is ready to travel with Ackles many more roads together, , as well as already done and although some of them may be cursed or have ditches they will not stop despite the obstacles.

The episodes are in the works and we assume we will not see them produced before 2022 with a first, hopefully, release in 2023. While waiting for the spin-off prequel, we have time to review Supernatural being scheduled on Amazon Prime Video.