They’ve invented an app that lets you control a person’s life

The new app that lets you control a person's life is called NewNew.

The new app that lets you control a person's life is called NewNew. The app allows you, through surveys, to make choices for special users, the Creators. From food to eat at dinner to clothes to wear, followers can make big or small decisions that affect the existence of the person.

The app is the brainchild of Courtne Smith, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur who described NewNew asĀ  "a human stock market where you buy shares in the lives of real people, in order to control their decisions and watch the outcome". The application is designed to fit the needs of individuals who work a lot with social. From bloggers to musicians, up to writers and stylists, once they create an account they can invite people to follow them, just like on Instagram or Facebook. The novelty of NewNew lies in the fact that the Creator can ask followers to make decisions on his behalf through polls and videos.

The requests can cover aspects of everyday life, but also professional, without any limit. In this way, each influencer can strengthen the relationship with his community, but also monetize. Every time a follower expresses a vote in fact the Creator gets money. Not only that: users can also choose to pay extra (starting from 20 dollars) on NewNew to make the person they follow do something special. The Creator - it's important to underline - is not forced to accept the choices, but if he doesn't, he has to give up the money earned.

"NewNew offers a two-way advantage - explained the CEO and creator of the app, Courtne Smith -. Five dollars is a small amount of money to pay to have fun and get a reward [...] Knowing that thanks to your vote one of your favorite artists has painted a work of art in blue and pink is something really interesting for many people. And for the creator it means building a community of people who are so in tune with what they do that they become their own ambassadors. So when you're ready to sell that book or piece of art, they'll be there to help you promote it because, technically, they helped make it happen in their own way."