Tricks for the perfect blur effect with the iPhone

Although the only device to integrate the dual photo sensor is the iPhone 7 Plus, with Tadaa SRL you can get the bokeh effect with any iPhone

One of the most popular photo effects among users is the one that allows you to blur the background of an image, highlighting a subject in the foreground. We are talking about the bokeh effect, a technique that can be obtained not only with an SLR camera, but also with some models of smartphones.

As far as Apple is concerned, apparently, the only device, waiting for the new iPhone 8 to arrive, through which it is possible to obtain the bokeh effect is the iPhone 7 Plus, equipped with two cameras. And it is precisely the dual camera sensor that allows you to blur the background of an image. The other models of smartphones produced by the Cupertino-based company, integrating a single camera, would not have, therefore, the technology needed to take a picture with the bokeh effect. In theory. In reality, there is a way to overcome this technical limitation, and that is to ask for help from one of the applications in the App Store.

Tadaa SLR

One of the best applications for taking a shot with the bokeh effect on all iPhone models is Tadaa SLR, available on Apple's digital market. The app includes a series of graphic features that allow you to add numerous filters and effects to your photographs, including the bokeh effect. Tadaa SLR, in fact, is a software that basically allows you to improve the depth of field in the image to be taken, partly imitating the operation of a DSLR camera, ideal for achieving an excellent bokeh effect. The photos to be edited can be taken via the app, or imported directly from the camera roll.

It's not free

To achieve the bokeh effect on your images, simply frame a subject, focus on the part you want to emphasize, and press on the "shutter". The application will automatically blur the remaining section of the photo. Once this is done, Tadaa SLR also gives you the possibility to check the result, to add or modify an effect. However, the iPhone application has a flaw: it isn't free. In order to use it, you need to spend a whopping 4.99 euros.