4 tricks to edit photos on Instagram

Instagram filters allow images to take on new life, but using them to their fullest is not easy. Here are some tips and tricks

Every picture posted on Instagram is a war to be able to earn a like (a little heart) from other users. It is so high the number of photos published every minute that being able to emerge from this magnum sea is really complicated.

Not always publish a beautiful picture of a landscape, perhaps modified with photo editing programs, leads to immediate success. To make the quantum leap, it is necessary to know how to use the filters of Instagram to perfection. The social platform provides users with about forty filters that make photos come to life. And that are the real trick to get more likes. But even Instagram filters hide secrets that only professionals know. Here are some tricks to use the filters of Instagram and edit the best images.

Choose the best filter for the photo

One of the secrets of the success of Instagram are the filters that makes available to change the tone of colors. But these alterations in colors don't always allow the photo you take to take a leap forward in quality. On the contrary. In some cases, the "no filter" images are much more successful. For this reason, when we have to decide which filter to put in the image, we compare the original and the modified photo. If the filter does not convince us, we can also publish the photo without any filter.

Change the intensity of the filter

An Instagram trick that few people know about is the possibility to change the intensity of the filter. If the color variation set by the filter is too pronounced, you can decrease it. After choosing the filter, just press again on the filter icon to access a new section where you can change the intensity of the colors.

Make the best use of filters

Statistics on the use of filters by users has shown that those that are in the top positions of the list created by Instagram are the most successful. But that's not all. There are a whole series of filters that users ignore the existence of. Instagram has over 40 filters, but on the app it shows 25-30 of them. All the others are hidden and it is the same user who has to activate them. You can manage Instagram's filters by accessing the ad hoc section within the app. When you take a photo and Instagram shows the filters, you need to go to the last one in the sequence and there the Manage icon will appear. Entering inside this section, we will see all the filters created by Instagram, even the unknown ones like "Toaster", "1977" and "Kelvin".

Changing the parameters of a photo

In addition to filters, Instagram also allows users to change individual parameters of an image. We are talking about brightness, contrast or color. Changing the values of these parameters is very simple: after choosing a filter, it is necessary to press the Edit button in the lower right corner. It will open a set of settings (Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Texture, Color, Saturation) that will allow you to edit the image.