Website and advertising alone: the tools to get found online easily

Website and advertising campaigns are two essential tools to build an online presence quickly and easily: how to use them

Now more than ever, online presence is essential to find new customers and increase the visibility of your business. Every brand that wants to grow its business must have two essential tools to be easily found online: a website and effective advertising campaigns.

The website is the ideal digital showcase for every business, because it allows you to be always present on the web for your potential customers, both new and already loyal. Browsing the site you will find information about the brand, contacts and especially detailed descriptions of services and products offered and that can be purchased. This is an effective tool for a business, which will be even more visible on the web if used as the destination of its online advertising campaigns. For those who wonder if it is possible to create a website and advertise on your own, the answer is yes: there are effective online services that offer specific tools for website and DIY advertising, thus allowing you to save time and money to achieve the desired results. Here's how to choose the most suitable service.

How to create an optimized website yourself

One of the most effective tools for getting found online is to create a website for your business. A company, a craftsman or a freelancer can strengthen their online presence by creating a website, which they can also build themselves. The first step is to buy a domain and choose the hosting that will host it, then define the About Us page and the catalog of products and services offered by the brand.

Even those who do not have in-depth computer skills can create their own website using the tools available online. You should choose a service that allows you to design and build your website in a responsive design, that is, easily navigable from both desktop and mobile, choosing a template that reinforces the brand identity and allows you to associate other services, such as an e-commerce or a blog to do content marketing, without neglecting SEO optimization of textual and multimedia content to improve placement in search engine results. Among the online services, there is the do-it-yourself website by Italiaonline, which always includes domain and hosting and allows you to create your own website independently and in an easy and intuitive way.

How to make effective online advertising on your own

Once you have consolidated your online presence thanks to updated forms with all the information about your company, such as Google MyBusiness or PagineGialle, and with an optimized website, you can increase your visibility on the web thanks to ad hoc advertising campaigns. In order to plan your own advertising campaign, you need to identify the objectives of your business and the target audience you want to address.

Once identified, you can define your strategy by focusing on the best channels to be found by the selected audience. The channels available are Search, with banners visible in the results of search engines. Display campaigns, to publish banners on reliable websites that increase the reputation of the brand. And again, Social campaigns, to take advantage of the opportunities that social networks offer to find new customers.

Advertising on your own is possible by relying on services such as DIY Advertising of Italiaonline, which accompany the brand in the choice of channels and help it to create custom graphics and texts and persuasive. In addition, thanks to the advice of experts and the monitoring of the performance of the ads, the budget will be optimized to ensure maximum results with minimum investment, allowing companies and freelancers to achieve their business goals and learn how to easily manage their own advertising campaigns.