What the new Apple iPad Pro with M1 chip looks like and how much it costs

In many ways it's a revolutionary tablet, built using cutting-edge technology, but the price of the top-of-the-line model is only for true professionals.

The second big announcement at Apple's Spring Loaded event was the new iPad Pro 2021, the first to feature the M1 chip and, in the 12.9-inch version, the new mini-LED screen. This version is joined by another, also with M1 but with a traditional 11-inch LCD screen. Both models can be ordered from April 30, with deliveries expected from the second half of May.

It is not yet in the hands of anyone, then, but the new iPad Pro is already making a lot of talk about itself and the reason is simple: the potential of the new platform M1 are already well known, because it is the same one used by Apple for the new MacBook Air and Pro 13-inch and for the new Mac mini (here all the information on these models). Per la prima volta nella storia di Apple, e non solo, un tablet ha lo stesso chip di un computer. Ma non solo: ha anche la versione più potente di M1, cosa che ha portato molti a chiedersi cosa se ne farà l’iPad Pro di tanta potenza. La risposta a questa domanda sta nel “Pro" del nome di questo tablet: come già successo per gli iPhone 12, infatti, Apple sta finalmente giustificando questo suffisso sui suoi prodotti di punta con il miglior hardware disponibile.

Nuovo iPad Pro M1: come è fatto

I nuovi modelli di iPad Pro 2021 sono due: il primo è da 11 pollici e il secondo da 12,9 pollici. Only the second is equipped with Liquid Retina XDR Display, that is the long-awaited mini-LED screen that (at least in theory) combines the advantages of LCD technology (brightness and faithful color reproduction) with those of OLED technology (absolute black, high contrast and low power consumption).

The chip M1 is the most powerful of all: 8 cores for both the CPU and GPU, RAM memory up to 16 GB and storage space from 128 GB to 2 TB. The new iPad Pro is also the first with 5G connectivity, if you choose the version with the SIM data in addition to Wi-Fi.

On the iPad 2021 Apple has also mounted a new rear camera compartment, derived from that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with LiDAR sensor, 12 MP wide angle and 10 MP ultra wide angle, while the front camera is a 12 MP equipped with tencologia Center Stage: without moving the tablet the shot follows the movements of the subject taken, thanks to artificial intelligence.

The new iPad, finally, is equipped with a Thunderbolt connection through which it can also send the video signal to an external screen with 6K resolution.

New iPad Pro M1: prices

The new iPad Pro with M1 chip costs a lot, but the price is justified by the high-level hardware. The base model with 11-inch display, 128 GB of storage, Wi-Fi only connection, costs 899 euros. Just add 5G to go up to 1,069 euros.

The top-of-the-line model is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with 2 TB and 5G connection, and it costs as much as a gaming PC: 2,599 euros.