What to do if your iPhone is stolen

Here's a series of actions to take immediately after having an iPhone stolen to prevent the thief from exploiting our accounts

When an iPhone is stolen from you, the first feelings are of anger and frustration, but we must never lose our minds. There are, in fact, some actions to take immediately after realizing the theft, in order to safeguard our data and to be able to quickly find the smartphone.

The first step to take when we lose an iPhone after a theft is to try to remotely lock the phone. In this way, the attacker who has taken our smartphone will not be able to access and steal all our information, or delete them to resell the device. To be able to do this we must have activated the function Find My iPhone. If we access our Apple account we can not only track the last location of the device but also lock the iPhone, make it ring with an emergency ringtone or delete some sensitive data inside it.

Remove information from Apple Pay

Apple Pay, the wireless payment service from Cupertino, is a very secure application. A thief, in fact, without our fingerprint will never be able to make a payment with our account. However, to avoid leaving too much information on the device related to our credit cards, after a theft it is advisable to access our Apple account and then go to iCloud. Here in the Apple Pay section we delete all credit card information.

Don't be superheroes

Many people often try to recover the phone by themselves when it is stolen. In fact, using the aforementioned Find My iPhone service we can find out the last location of the device and go and get it. However, don't be a superhero. It is always better to notify the authorities and get help.

Corporate Device

If the stolen iPhone was a device of the company where we work, we should immediately notify our manager. This will inform the IT team that they can remotely delete some confidential and essential information for the production processes of our company saved on the iPhone.

Call our operator

After reporting the theft we call our operator to report the theft. In this way, the phone charges made by the thief with our number could be eliminated and we could be reimbursed once the smartphone is recovered.

Change passwords

If you can't lock the phone with Find My iPhone, the advice is to change the passwords of all the accounts on the smartphone. From Facebook to Instagram, passing through the email inbox. This way the thief will not be able to use our profiles on the apps installed on the iPhone.