What will be the first smartphones with the new MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chip

The best chip from MediaTek for 2022 has arrived: it's the Dimensity 9000, and it's already tempting many manufacturers who are waiting to use it on their next products

A few hours ago, MediaTek announced the best chip that will be on the list in 2022. It's called Dimensity 9000, and it has some amazing technical specifications: it manages to exceed 3 GHz of maximum frequency, which translates into a power of a computer of a few years ago enclosed in the footprint of a smartphone.

Thus the challenge with Qualcomm, which will present at the end of the month its flagship chip for 2022, and with Samsung, whose Exynos 2200 will equip the Galaxy S22 expected on the market in the first part of next year. A three-way battle in which MediaTek arrives prepared, strong of the world leadership gained in the summer, of a top of the range chip that seems very powerful and that is already tempting to many, among fans and manufacturers who intend to use it in the top of the range coming in the first quarter of 2022. It is also the first chip to take advantage of TSMC's advanced 4-nanometer production process, so it is expected that in addition to being powerful it will also be sufficiently "kind" to the batteries.

Manufacturers already in line for Dimensity 9000

The first smartphones to use the new Dimensity 9000 chip by MediaTek, according to the latest rumors coming from China, will be produced by Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Motorola and OnePlus. Practically all major manufacturers in the Android landscape are planning to make smartphones powered by the Dimensity 9000 in the near future, which is a clear indication of how much the manufacturers themselves trust in the goodness of the work done by the Taiwanese designers. Qualcomm will present after MediaTek its flagship, but the first smartphones with Snapdragon 898 should arrive by January at the latest, while for the first ones with Dimensity 9000 will have to wait a few more weeks.

Anyhow, it's a safe bet that companies intending to use the Dimensity 9000 by MediaTek have received the chip weeks, if not months, before the presentation to the public, and therefore have had the opportunity to test the goodness of the performance offered. On the other hand, just on the performance that will guarantee the new top of the range chip of MediaTek there are not many doubts: the maximum frequency exceeds (slightly) 3 GHz, a value that until a few years ago was the prerogative of computers.

The Dimensity 9000, therefore, will be very fast, there are no doubts. The only ones you can have on how little energy it will consume in relation to performance, and it is on this issue that will probably play the game "real" with rivals Qualcomm and Samsung, on energy efficiency, always a nerve of the high-performance chips. To "go fast" you need a lot of energy, which in the case of smartphones is provided by the battery. If the Dimensity 9000 will consume less at equal, or almost equal, performance with competing chips, then MediaTek will win the game.

Will the smartphone from over 1 mln on AnTuTu arrive?

On the fact that the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 will go strong, as mentioned, there are no doubts. And the first testimonials from AnTuTu have already surfaced on the web: a Dimensity 9000 would have already taken a ride on the well-known benchmark platform, where it would have highlighted the ability to reach and surpass a goal never lowered before, namely that of one million points.

Currently, to have a comparison, the record is set just under 900 thousand points, and belongs to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888. Will MediaTek be able to unhinge the technical supremacy of the American company?