What will be the name of the next iPhone

Many thought that Apple would skip the number 13, but it will not be so: the first news from the supply chain disprove any superstition.


Giuseppe Croce Journalist

Peppe Croce, journalist since 2008, deals with electronic devices and new technologies applied to the automotive world. He joined Libero Tecnologia in 2018.

The next smartphone from Apple will be iPhone 13. Superstition has not managed to change Cupertino's mind that, in defiance of the custom that in Anglo-Saxon countries links the number 13 to bad luck, has decided to follow the traditional numbering for the phone that will arrive in the coming months. Bad luck, yes, but also choices of style would have sustained such choice: here's why.

According to what reported by the Economic Daily News, quoted by MacRumors, the computer giant would have chosen to continue with the numerical system in use, avoiding a further "s" version as happened with the versions 4, 5 and 6. Even the names of the models will remain unchanged: to confirm this is the report that cites one of the companies in the production chain. There will therefore be a new iPhone (6.1" display), a "Mini" (5.4"), a "Pro" (6.1") and a "Pro Max" (6.7"), four in all following the line of past years. Among the most committed to the production of the Applephone is the Chinese Hon Hai, engaged in orders for the Pro Max, 68% of the main model and 60% of the Pro. Shipments will start in the third quarter of 2021, with a peak in the last 4 months.

iPhone 13, no revolutions in sight

Superstition aside, the name iPhone 12s would not have generated too much surprise. In fact, the smartphone of the bitten apple that will debut in the second half of the year on the shelves of physical and virtual stores does not differ sharply from its predecessor, especially if you look at the design that characterizes the device.

There are a few new features that distinguish it: iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch on the screen and dedicated to the front camera, a larger photo sensor and its housing on the back and a Pro model with a thicker shell than the previous, a factor closely related to the use of a larger battery.

The more powerful battery becomes essential if you want to ensure satisfactory usage times for the user, given the high refresh rate display that significantly affects the consumption of the device. Among the details that have already emerged, but obviously to be confirmed on par with those already mentioned, there would then be an ultra wide-angle lens equipped with autofocus.

iPhone 13, when it arrives

Analyzing past launches, the phone should make its official debut in the third week of September, tracing the price ranges already seen in 2020. The iPhone 13's storage cuts will also most likely remain the same as the old iteration, although all the relevant confirmations will have to wait for the months to come.