What will Apple’s next budget iPhone look like

Just a few weeks after the launch of Apple's new top-of-the-line iPhone 13, there's already talk of the next budget iPhone: what will it look like, when will it come out, and how much will iPhone SE 3 cost?

In the wide range of smartphones Apple iPhone there is a model that makes history in itself, different from all others because always similar to something else: it is the iPhone SE, whose second and last version dates back to April 2020 and whose third, according to rumors, will arrive within the first half of 2022. iPhone SE, since its first version in 2016, is a bit "the phone of leftovers".

A joke, no doubt, but not even too much: this model is, in fact, based on a previous model (with which it shares much of the components) but updates it by adding some newer technological innovations. It was so with the first iPhone SE, which was basically a revised iPhone 5s, it was so for the second iPhone SE, which was based on iPhone 11 and it will be so with the third iPhone SE, which will apparently be based on iPhone XR, to which it will add support for 5G and a new chip. With this strategy, Apple manages to maximize its production chain and create a "cheap iPhone" for all those who cannot afford the standard models.

How will iPhone SE 2022

As we said, iPhone SE 3 of 2022 will be based on iPhone XR of 2018. However, it will have Apple's latest chip, namely A15 Bionic, which will give it great performance and support for 5G networks.

If it inherits the iPhone XR's screen, then iPhone SE 3 will also be a smartphone with an LCD screen. But that's not necessarily the case, as OLED technology is now largely trickling down to the mid-range of the market, and by 2022, an LCD iPhone may seem anachronistic. We'll see.

Rumors, particularly the Chinese site MyDrivers, however, talk about a big difference between iPhone SE 3 and all other iPhones seen so far: it will have the fingerprint sensor mounted on the side. This is also news that needs to be confirmed, since in the Android world this solution is now relegated to the low end (if not very low).

How much will iPhone SE 2022 cost

Another big knot to unravel: the price of iPhone SE 3 in 2022. The first iPhone SE in 2016 launched at a price of $399 in the US, exactly the same as the second one (which still costs the same). You don't risk much if you assume the same price for the third generation of the budget iPhone as well.

As well as you don't risk either by assuming that, in Italy, this model will cost more than in the US (like all Apple products): 499 euros.