WhatsApp, ecco gli sfondi avanzati e personalizzati: come attivarli

WhatsApp rilascia un aggiornamento che permette di personalizzare gli sfondi delle chat e introduce gli "sfondi avanzati".

Uno storico limite di WhatsApp è sempre stato quello di non poter gestire in modo personalizzato gli sfondi delle chat: è possibile sceglierne uno, magari anche una foto dalla nostra galleria, ma sarà lo stesso per tutte le chat. Come dice lo stesso help online di WhatsApp, infatti, “Lo sfondo da te scelto verrà utilizzato in tutte le chat. Non è possibile avere uno sfondo diverso su ciascuna chat“. Adesso non è più così.

E’ stata infatti pubblicata la versione dell’app di WhatsApp per iOS che, finalmente, permette di scegliere uno sfondo diverso per ogni chat e, per di più, introduce gli “sfondi avanzati“. That is, new specific backgrounds for the light theme and the dark theme and the ability to change the brightness of the background to suit our personal tastes. WhatsApp users more attentive to customizations have therefore now available 32 new light backgrounds and 30 new dark backgrounds, which are in addition to the possibility of using the old backgrounds, a photo or a simple flat color. In short: everything wallpaper lovers have always wanted on WhatsApp has finally arrived in this version of the iOS app.

How to use advanced wallpapers on WhatsApp

At the moment, advanced wallpapers are only available on version of the WhatsApp app for iOS. This is a version reserved for beta testers, so it's not available to everyone, but as we'll see shortly it should arrive soon in the official stable versions as well.

Once you've updated the app to version you can select a chat and go to Group Info (or simply tap on the three dots in the upper right corner, if it's a chat with a single contact) and choose "Wallpaper".

Here we'll find the option to choose a new wallpaper, which we'll be able to choose from the 32 new dark and 30 light ones, from flat colors or from our photos. If we choose a color as background, we can still add the WhatsApp doodle to make it less boring (this last novelty has also arrived on WhatsApp Web).

After choosing the background we can use a feature already seen in a previous beta version of the app: the slider to choose the brightness of the background.

Advanced backgrounds on WhatsApp: when they come to everyone

WhatsApp, in recent years, has accustomed us to many features that are presented in beta apps for testers but then get lost along the way and do not arrive on the official stable apps, those for all users. The ability to apply a different wallpaper to each chat, for example, was already seen in August under the name "multiwallpaper".

The advanced wallpapers could also end up like this, but something makes us think that this won't be the case and that, in fact, they may arrive faster than usual: recently, in fact, the Facebook group is revolutionizing the app by adding many of the features shown in preview to beta testers.

In a recent beta of the app, for example, appeared the option to contact customer service directly from the app itself. That feature, within just two weeks, arrived in the official WhatsApp Business app.