WhatsApp, how to find out how much space chats occupy

The conversations and messages received on WhatsApp can saturate the memory of the smartphone in a short time, here's how to remedy thanks to this feature

WhatsApp in its beta version for Android is implementing to the application a new feature that will allow users to manage the storage of the various chats on the phone. This is a feature that is already available to users who use the messaging app on the iPhone.

Practically, the new feature to control the storage space occupied by the chats allows us to check the storage currently needed to save on the smartphone all our active conversations on WhatsApp. To be able to use this feature we will have to take the smartphone and go to Google Play Store, if we have an Android phone, or the App Store, if we have an iPhone. In the application store in the search bar we write WhatsApp and once we reach the page dedicated to the application we click on Update. Only the latest version of Facebook's messaging app, in fact, allows the control and management of chats.

How it works

After updating the application we go to Settings, then click on the section Data usage and finally on Storage usage. At this point the application will load all the chats with our contacts, and then show us the space that each conversation is occupying. In addition, this service also allows us to know which groups or individual chats occupy more space than others. If we click on a single conversation we'll have several detailed information, such as each type of message sent or received, including text messages, shared contact cards, locations, images, GIFs, videos, audio messages and documents. At this point with a simple touch you can decide whether to delete everything or only multimedia content or just text messages. This is a very useful feature especially for those who manage many groups with friends. Groups where various multimedia contents are sent every day that can quickly saturate the memory of our smartphone.