Wind’s eSim: how it works, how much it costs, supported devices

Wind launches the All Digital 50 Test Edition offer that allows you to activate an eSIM for supported devices. Here's how much it costs and what to do to get it

After TIM and Vodafone, Wind 3 also announces support for eSIMs, virtual phone SIMs. But that's not all: in addition to the announcement there is already a tariff, but it is still in the testing phase. It's called All Digital 50 Test Edition, costs 4.99 euros per month, and offers unlimited minutes to all numbers and 50 GB of data traffic (3.7 GB on EU territory).

The eSIM is included in the cost of the subscription and there are no activation costs. A very advantageous offer, then, but that will not last forever: as the name of the tariff itself says, it is a test and moreover for a limited number of compatible smartphones. And it will last only 12 months at the end of which the eSIM will be deactivated. But during these twelve months the user will have additional bonuses, which make this offer even more advantageous. It seems, therefore, that Wind wants to take its direct competitors on the back foot by challenging them directly on this new (in Italy, elsewhere is already more than broken) technology.

eSIM Wind: how to activate

The method for activating the eSIM Wind is the same as already seen for other operators, ie the QR Code. Using the smartphone compatible with the eSIM Wind and properly connected to the Wi-Fi network (you need an Internet connection to complete the procedure), you must select the option from the settings to add a new eSIM. On iPhones, for example, you have to go to Settings > Mobile > Add eSIM profile. At this point we can frame the QR Code and the activation procedure of the eSIM will begin.

eSIM Wind: who can activate it

To activate the offer All Digital 50 Test Edition of Wind there are two prerequisites. The first is to have a smartphone compatible with eSIM, such as iPhones from the X onwards, the Pixel from 2 onwards, the latest Samsung or the Motorola RAZR just presented. The second is to get lucky: only 500 users, in fact, will be selected by Wind to participate in this test and will have the confirmation with an SMS from the phone operator.

All Digital 50 Test Edition: the additional bonuses

Those who are selected to participate in the Wind test, in addition to the All Digital 50 Test Edition tariff, also receive questionnaires. Those who answer the questionnaires have additional benefits, such as the crediting of 10 euros of bonus for each month of duration of the test, provided that the customer has made the recharge of 4.99 euros required to renew the offer.